The Stack, Seal & Done Fireproofing Solution: 3M Fire Barrier Solutions

3M Fire Barrier Solutions

Get It Done 3X Faster*

3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step is the no-wool, no-bull solution you’ve been waiting for. FIP 1-Step stays put and expands at a consistent, controlled pace—no mineral wool needed. With that kind of efficiency, you’ll power through firestop installations more than three times faster. You hear that? That’s the sound of your profits growing. Music to our ears.

Help Save Time & Labor

3M Fire Barrier Solutions allow you to quickly and easily firestop openings created by cable trays, cable, conduit, and multiple conduit. Just stack, seal, and you’re done—no chicken wire, wire mesh, or mineral wool needed. With 3M Fire Barrier Solutions, you’ll quickly and effectively meet UL, IBC, and NEC requirements for passive fire protection.

Firestop with Confidence

For a tight firestop against smoke, flames, and hot gases, rely on the 3M™ Fire Barrier Plank PK39, 3M™ Fire Barrier Block B258, and 3M™ Fire Barrier PLG2 and PLG4 Plugs. These pre-formed firestopping foam blocks, planks, and plugs are fully reusable, re-enterable, easy to install, and require no cure time. Plus, they fit snugly in wall and floor through-penetrations for medium to large openings.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps prevent the spread of flames, hot gases, and smoke
  • Firestops medium to large openings created by cable trays, cable, and conduit
  • Installs without the need for chicken wire, wire mesh, or mineral wool
  • Product remains pliable and soft after installation, for easy re-enterability
  • Meets UL, IBC, and NEC requirements for passive fire protection
[PDF] 3M FIP 1-Step Firestop Foam Flyer
[PDF] 3M Fire Barrier Blocks, Plugs and Planks

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*Time savings based on laboratory simulations. Actual time savings will vary based on complexity of application and skill of installer. Traditional methods refer to caulks, sealants, mineral wool, pillows, bricks and putty.