3M Fire Barrier Planks, Blocks and Plugs. Stack. Seal. Done.

3M introduces their latest firestop solutions for firestopping penetrations through rated walls: fire barrier planks; fire rated blocks and fire rated plugs.

They're easy to install and no wire mesh application is required to keep the material in the opening during the fire and hose stream test and during a fire on the job.

For larger openings through rated walls, simply take the planks and stack them on top of each other for quick, easy application. A lot less labor doing it in big steps. You can add or use the smaller bricks to piece that all together. Any of these can be cut into any shape or piece and stuffed in there. If any openings are left, simply seal it with FIP 1-Step fire rated foam, that gives you the complete seal in that opening.

For smaller openings 3M has the preformed 4" plug and the preformed 2" plug. These can be stuck into blank openings or penetrations in the wall. Or, if there's already cable in it, these can be cut and clammed around and shoved into the opening, or they can be cut out and cables or conduit inserted and again sealed around it with the FIP 1-step. It's very easy. Stack. Seal. Done.

3M has been in the firestop industry from the first codes that were required for firestopping. For more information on 3M's fire barrier blocks, planks and plugs, please contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

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