Fall Protection From 3M: It's As Easy As A-B-C-D

3M Fall Protection

Anchorage Connectors

Anchorage connectors are secure points of attachment for lifelines, lanyards, or deceleration devices. With a sturdy design, they hold fast under the forces generated during a fall. They can be permanent or temporary, and connect to all kinds of structures and materials. They must be independent, able to support 5,000 lbs., and be located high enough for a worker to avoid contact with a lower level, should a fall occur.

[PDF] 3M Anchorage

Body Support

We all need a little support sometimes. Body support provides a personal connection point, and, when put to the test, distributes fall force across the entire body. The gold standard for fall arrest, body support consists of a dorsal D-ring that clips to the fall arrest connector. Depending on the job, there may be other D-rings for worker positioning, travel restraint, and more.

[PDF] 3M Body Support


Think of connectors as your lifeline between the body harness and anchorage connector. The connector is usually a lanyard equipped with an energy-absorbing element with added cushioning. So if a fall occurs, there’s an extra level of protection. For positioning and travel restriction, the connector prevents the user from free-falling or entering a fall hazard zone.

[PDF] 3M Connectors

Descent & Rescue

In the event of a fall, seconds count. The jolt of a fall, being caught by protective gear, and dangling aerially is a dangerous prospect. So everyone stays safe, there must be a plan to retrieve the injured worker and lower them safely to the ground. Employers should provide prompt rescue, or ensure that employees can rescue themselves.

[PDF] 3M Escape and Rescue

Products at a Glance

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  • Confined Space Products
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  • Self-Retracting Lanyards
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