The New Standard For Medium-Voltage Terminations: 3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III Termination with Optional 3M Mechanical Shearbolt Lugs

3M Cold Shrink QT-III Termination

Terminations Simplified

Heat shrink is a common method of terminating, joining, and environmentally sealing electrical cables. But the need for safer, more reliable technology shouldn’t take a backseat to convention. When global trends called for a new standard, 3M stepped in with Cold Shrink Technology.

3M Cold Shrink Technology consists of a rubber tube that shrinks around the cable once the removable core is unwound, providing an alternative to heat shrink—with a safer, more reliable, installer-friendly design. The technology is hardly new, but the promise is worth repeating: quicker, safer, better terminations for medium and high voltage applications.

Reliable & Safe. Efficient & Easy.

For even easier terminations, with 3M Mechanical Shearbolt Lugs are now optional with 3M Cold Shrink QT-III . Combined with the Cold Shrink QT-III Termination system, no special tools are needed and installation is always easy, even in confined spaces. So you can save time, hassle, and money—without sacrificing performance.

3M Mechanical Shearbolt Lugs can also withstand the 40 percent pull-out force required by IEEE-404 (ANSI C119.4, Class 2). To suit a variety of projects, 3M Mechanical Shearbolt products are available in connectors, one-hole lugs, and two-hole lugs. 3M Cold Shrink QT-III Terminations with 3M Mechanical Shearbolt Lugs. It’s your go-to solution for medium-voltage power connection.

Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy, high-performance design
  • Simpler installation reduces craft errors
  • Constant radial pressure with living seal
  • Adheres to IEEE 48, Cenelec 0278, IEC 502, and GB
  • Hydrophobic, UV-resistant, and track-resistant
  • Factory-tested material
  • Helps reduce installation time in contaminated or enclosed environments
  • Helps improve installation time and outage repair
  • Step-core design suits a range of applications and simplifies installation
  • Compact configuration with High-K stress control tube
  • Built-in High-K stress controlling compound
  • Built-in environmental top-sealing compound
  • Engineered to last the life of the cable
  • No tools, torches, or other heat sources are needed
[PDF] 3M Cold Shrink QT-III Indoor and Outdoor Terminations Catalog

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