Reduce Installation Time with 3M QS4 Integrated Splice Video

The latest product from 3M is the QS4 Integrated Splice.  In 1997 we came up with our QS-III product; this is our new version version: the QS4.

It's a fully integrated splice that 3M developed for JCN cable, shielded power cable and tape shielded cable. The best part of this splice is that it's fully integrated. It has a splice body that's inside, grounding sock, a rejacketing sleeve and also integrated copper tin-plated grounding braid that's integrated onto the splice.

To explain about cold shrink: when you remove the internal core on our low voltage splice, what's going to happen? Cold shink always want to go back to its original size when it was warm. When it was extruded this in our factor, we loaded this onto this plastic core. When you remove the perforated core, it's always going to want to come back to its original size.

We're going to translate that technology to our 15kv splice. This is our QS4 product. We developed this for 15 kV systems, 25 and 28 kV systems and 35 kV systems. When we remove this core, what that's going to do for the installer, is going to fully load everything onto that cable after they do the cable preparation and install their connector. We slide this over, we pull the easy sliding core onto that cable. We're going to bring everything back over. What I mean by that is we're going to fold back this smooth edge grounding sock. In the product is a fold back jacket or rejacketing sleeve that will create the actual environmental seal. The grounding braid will be connected to the grounding bar.

The benefits of the 3M QS4 Integrated splice it's going to reduce the install time in the field, less chance for installer errors, and fewer components loaded onto the cable in the field to install the splice.