3M™ 710 Splicing Modules

3M 710 Splicing Modules

For more than 30 years, 3M™ 710 Modular Splice Connectors have been used on a worldwide basis to improve splicing productivity and help increase the efficiency of copper conductor cable. Modular in design, the 3M 710 system electrically joins multiple pairs of copper conductor cable concurrently, with modules capable of splicing five or 25 pairs at a time. The 3M 710 system consists of a complete complement of tools, supplies and replacement parts.

3M™ 710 modules contain an IDC (insulation displacement connection) device. Electrical connections are made by metallic contact elements that displace the insulation, creating a contact point between the conductor and the contact element. This design provides a gas-tight connection. Strain relief is achieved through unique design features. Plastic sheath retention grip points known as "bat wings" and "cathedral windows," maintain retention on the conductor insulation. The small dimensions of the 5-pair splicing unit are ideal for small spaces.


[PDF] 3M 710 Connector Splicing System Splicer Guide
[PDF] 3M 710 Splicing System Brochure