3 and 4 Conductor Variable Frequency Drive Cables

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Alpha Wire Allied 4C VFD Cable

Variable-frequency drives (VFD) enable sophisticated control of motors by allowing their speed and torque to be precisely adjusted. While variable-frequency techniques provide an excellent way to control a motor’s speed and torque, they create several phenomena that can affect the voltage, create noise, reduce the life of the cable, and disrupt operation of the drive system. These phenomena may include standing waves from impedance mismatches, corona discharges from the intense electrical fields around the cable’s conductors, harmonic distortion, and high in-rush currents at startup. Available in 3 and 4 conductor configurations.

Series V Cables

  • Symmetrical geometry for uniform electrical properties
  • Low-capacitance construction for improved signal transmission and extended cable run
  • Resists potential effects of harmonics, power distortion and transient noise
  • Outstanding oil, solvent, chemical and fuel resistance
  • Round geometry helps ensure a liquid-tight installation per IP67 or NEMA 6
  • Double shielded for superior EMI performance
  • Specially formulated XLPE conductor insulation will not degrade under heavy electrical load
  • NFPA 79-compliant UL TC/ER
  • Capable of handling the effects of wave reflections on long cable runs
  • Suited for applications up to 200 hp at 480 V
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