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Graybar’s Charleston electrical supply stocks thousands of products from thousands of manufacturers. Founded in 1869, and one of the largest employee-owned companies in America, Graybar offers everything a contractor or installer may need to finish projects from beginning to end.

In modern society, commercial buildings use energy very inefficiently. Over 30% of the annual $202.3 billion in energy costs for U.S. commercial buildings is wasted needlessly. Regaining control on your energy use can have a significant impact on your profit margin. Graybar can help every step of the way, with thousands of products from best-in-class manufacturers such as General Electric, Lutron and Acuity Brands. Graybar takes pride in creating energy solutions for today’s commercial facility managers.

Lighting alone accounts for more than 20% of energy used in a commercial building. By retrofitting your existing buildings, you stand to save a huge amount. In fact, in as little two years, the average return on investment from a retrofit is between 17-45 percent. The turnaround time and overall cost is also minimized by the fact that the old fixture housings can be used when swapping out, cutting back on wiring costs and unseemly ceiling tile repairs.

Effective use of daylight sources offsets lighting costs during peak periods. When designed and implemented correctly, daylighting can lower energy costs significantly. Using integrally designed control systems, further limits can be placed on energy consumption. Advanced automated control boards can work with data collected by occupancy sensors and dimmers, both manual and daylight activated, to ensure that lights get turned off when not in use. With thousands of high-quality electrical supplies available, no task is insurmountable for Graybar Charleston.

Of course, the lighting waste of yesteryear contains harmful substances like mercury. As is federally mandated, Graybar takes pride in adhering to all rules and regulations regarding safe disposal of lighting waste. Keeping our planet’s resources sustained should be the goal of all commercial lighting suppliers.

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Graybar Charleston, WV

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