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Graybar Green Bay, Wisconsin

First established in 1869, Graybar has since become one of America’s leading commercial lighting suppliers, and a vital link in the supply chain of high-quality electrical supplies. As a Fortune 500 company, Graybar employs thousands of dedicated men and women at  North American locations. Graybar Green Bay is one such location and bears the name with pride.

Perhaps our most important mission is to bring energy efficient solutions to the commercial world, saving both time and money for our customers, and helping to ease the burden on our environment. Graybar solutions and upgrades not only save on energy consumption but have been shown to reduce the cost of maintenance and improve employee productivity and safety. Over 30 percent of energy used in commercial buildings today is effectively wasted, and every commercial building manager stands to benefit from our comprehensive solutions. The upgrades can even pay for themselves in as little as two years.

In your existing buildings, lighting already accounts for roughly 25 percent of energy consumed. Retrofitting your building’s lighting systems is an effective way to cut energy costs. Lighting retrofits also improve the quality of the light produced while emitting less heat. The majority electrical supplies will swap out directly with the existing fixtures and even use the same housings, negating the need to rewire and hassle with ceiling tiles or wall repair. Upgrading the fixture components with energy efficient replacements can reduce your lighting energy usage by as much as 67 percent and we will assist in the disposal and recycling of the old fixtures.

If new construction projects are designed and implemented properly, daylighting can offset electrical loads a substantial amount during the day. Using occupancy sensors, dimmers and time scheduling in conjunction with an intelligent control system will prevent you from inadvertently lighting an empty room during the day or night.

Graybar Green Bay stands by the name and reputation of Graybar, as one of the nation’s leading commercial lighting suppliers.

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