Graybar Hampton

Graybar Hampton

Established in 1869, Graybar has secured a position as one of North America’s leading commercial lighting suppliers. Through our formidable distribution network of  locations, including Graybar Hampton, we are helping to power and network our customer’s buildings with speed, intelligence, and efficiency. Graybar is one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America and ranked in the Fortune 500. We maintain a balance between big company presence and neighborhood store integrity.

Moving forward into the 21st century, the world demands greater care be taken for the environment. With ever-increasing electricity costs, commercial profits actually stand to benefit from looking out for our planet. More than 30 percent of energy used in modern commercial buildings is needlessly wasted. Graybar solutions are changing the definition of “modern commercial building.” We can help to monitor, report on, control, and ultimately reduce that percentage. Our solutions not only save money, but have been shows to increase employee safety and productivity.

Retrofitting existing buildings is an important first step in reducing the energy envelope of your facility. A perfect example of a retrofit would be the replacement of all outdated lamps and ballasts with newer, more efficient counterparts. Most electrical supplies will install directly into the old fixture housings, reducing the need for re-wiring and ceiling repairs after install. The savings in energy can reach up to 67 percent, with an ROI of up to 45 percent in as little as two years.

When planning new construction projects, design efficient features into the building from the very start. Effective use of natural daylight sources and internal light and occupancy sensors will ensure that your building is always optimally lit and at the optimum energy cost.

Graybar Hampton has access to thousands of high-quality electrical supplies and delivers them when and where they are needed, making Graybar one of the leading commercial lighting suppliers in the country.

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Graybar Hampton

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