Graybar West Columbia

Graybar Columbia, South Carolina

Graybar West Columbia services the majority of South Carolina. Established in 1869, Graybar is recognized as one of the country’s leading commercial lighting suppliers. One of  locations in North America, Graybar West Columbia stocks and distributes thousands of state-of-the-art electrical supplies from thousands of high-quality manufacturers.

Lighting accounts for over 20 percent of energy used in commercial buildings. In as little as two years, most commercial operators see a return on investment from a retrofit of their existing buildings. Swapping out old lamps and ballasts, installing new LED fixtures, and upgrading lighting controls is a simple yet extremely effective way to reduce lighting costs. Making use of intelligent control boards, occupancy sensors, manual and daylight activated dimmer switches, natural daylight sources, and time scheduling, we can develop real solutions to help you save energy, time and money.

The environment also benefits greatly from the efficiency of your commercial structures. The electrical supplies and lighting fixtures of yesteryear contain toxic substances, such as mercury. While modern solutions are far more efficient and far less hazardous, the old materials need to be disposed of properly. Graybar West Columbia adheres strictly to federal guidelines to reduce the liability to your business, and to reduce the dangers to our environment.

Graybar offers a plethora of inventory and materials management services to help our customers maximize profits. Keeping supply chains running ensures the smooth operation of projects across the board. We have the experience needed to kit material packages for large operations that require assembly, storage and shipment of thousands of kits in a single month, as well as smaller single kit installations.

Whether you are looking to retrofit existing buildings, or start your new construction projects on the path of efficiency, Graybar West Columbia is your go-to commercial lighting supplier in South Carolina.

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News and Events

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    Confused about NFPA 70E arc flash safety requirements? Square D by Schneider Electric can answer your questions and give you the knowledge to ensure your company is compliant with this important standard. Together with Square D we are offering a comprehensive one day, eight-hour NFPA 70E safety training course, led by a certified instructor.


Graybar West Columbia

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