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Graybar Spartanburg, South Carolina

With over 145 years of experience, Graybar has become one of North America’s leading commercial lighting suppliers today. As a Fortune 500 company, we are one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America. Through our considerable distribution network and value-added services, we are helping our customers to power and light their facilities with speed, intelligence, and efficiency. Graybar has become a vital link in the supply chain of electrical supplies in America.

Our primary mission at Graybar Spartanburg is to keep the energy footprint of commercial buildings as small as possible. More than 30 percent of energy used in commercial buildings is wasted needlessly. Graybar can help you monitor, control, report on, and greatly reduce that percentage. Our solutions will not only save on energy consumption, but have also been shown to decrease maintenance costs while increasing employee productivity and safety. These solutions will also get you closer to your long-term sustainability goals like reducing overall energy consumption by 20 percent by the year 2020 as mandated by the Federal government.

A great way to reduce the energy footprint of your existing buildings is to retrofit the lighting systems. Simply swapping out old lamps and ballasts for newer counterparts will improve the quality of light produced and reduce energy costs in one. Many of the electrical supplies we stock will install directly into the fixture housings previously occupied by the outdated technology. These upgrades can reduce energy consumption by as much as 67 percent and will pay for themselves in as little as two years.

If you work energy-efficient design features into your new constructs, such as using an advanced network of occupancy sensors, dimmers, time scheduling, and intelligent control boards, your new buildings can start life as a “smart” structure.

If your project is in need of an end-to-end solution for lighting, networking, or even a half-mile of raw electrical supplies, Graybar Spartanburg has it and can deliver when and where the materials are needed.

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Graybar Spartanburg

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