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Graybar has been around since 1869 and has become known as a leading commercial lighting supplier in North America. Graybar Rock Hill is one of  locations of our greater supply and logistics chain. As one of America’s largest employee-owned companies, Graybar has the power and stability of a large corporation coupled with the honesty and integrity of a neighborhood shop.

Moving further into the 21st century, rising electricity costs and environmental concerns have commercial facility owners and government agencies looking for comprehensive energy strategies. To answer the demand for energy solutions, Graybar takes the “smart” building to a new level. At the heart of our intelligent buildings is an advanced infrastructure of lighting, communications, HVAC, and security systems working inside of a single IP-enabled network. These solutions not only save on energy costs but have been proven to reduce maintenance costs and improve employee safety and productivity. Over 30 percent of energy used in commercial buildings is done so inefficiently, and we can help you to monitor, report on, control, and ultimately reduce that percentage.

Lighting retrofits are a simple, yet effective way to make an existing building more energy efficient. More than 25 percent of energy used in most facilities is used by lighting, and increased efficiency will make a big impact on your monthly energy bill. Most electrical supplies will swap out directly with existing hardware, and can use the old fixture housings to save time and ceiling repair costs. Start off new facilities by working energy efficient design features into new constructs, using an advanced network of occupancy sensors, dimmers, time scheduling, and intelligent control boards.

Graybar Rock Hill is a lighting supplier that will meet your needs every time.

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Graybar Rock Hill

1425 Dave Lyle Blvd.
Rock Hill, SC 29730

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Phone: (803) 366-0200
Fax: (803) 366-7141

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Mon-Fri: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Mon-Fri: 5:00 am to 11:00 pm EST
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