Graybar Toledo

Graybar Toledo

Graybar is very well known as a leading commercial lighting supplier. Offering a wide range of energy-efficient and money-saving commercial and industrial lighting solutions, our goal is to keep the occupants of your work environment happy and productive.

Our Toledo electrical supply branch offers full-service building systems and energy solutions to our commercial customers. Whether the goal is a lighting retrofit, a new construction project, temporary work lighting, or facility maintenance, Graybar Toledo has it covered.

With more than thirty percent of the annual $202.3 billion in energy costs being used inefficiently, cutting energy bills is crucial for every commercial operator. Eliminating energy expenditures has never been easier with Graybar’s lighting consultants helping every step of the way. Using a combination of occupancy sensors, dimmers, and time scheduling, lighting control systems provide the ultimate in energy cost control.

The control systems can be stand-alone or fully integrated into a building wide automation system. With a full digital control, commands can be issued to specific sections of a facility. Such control systems can also be automated and can assist in load-shedding practices which drive down energy usage during peak demand periods.

Motion and sound sensors can detect the occupancy of rooms and hallways, automatically dimming or turning off lights when no one is present. This results in up to 45 percent savings in energy costs. Used in conjunction with manual dimmer switches, light sources use even less energy, saving an additional 4-9 percent.

When our sales representatives and technical specialists help with a construction project, we put an emphasis on making the most of natural daylight. When designed and implemented properly from the beginning of a project, daylighting will drastically reduce energy consumption and lower operating and investment costs.

Graybar’s Toledo electrical supply offers everything that a commercial, industrial, or government customer needs to reduce energy costs.

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Graybar Toledo

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