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Graybar Teterboro, New Jersey

Welcome to Graybar Teterboro, one of  Graybar locations in North America. If you’re looking for commercial lighting supplies, you’ve come to the right place. We distribute hundreds of products that are manufactured by some of the top electrical supply companies in the nation.

We’ve been in business since 1869, and our industry experience and presence goes a long way when it comes to providing the best services to our customers. In fact, professionalism combined with longevity and innovation has made Graybar is a leading distributor of high-quality electrical supply, communications and data networking products. We also specialize in related supply chain management and logistics services.

We are committed to helping you cut down on your electricity bill by updating or completely replacing outdated commercial lighting systems. Renovating your commercial lighting not only improves the quality of light, it also results in less heat in the building. That means less energy is required by your HVAC system to cool down the building during warm days. When you pair these energy savings together with increased lamp longevity, it’s easy to see the benefit of this type of investment.

When it comes to commercial lighting supplies and services, we also offer lighting control systems and installations. While a standard on and off toggle switch plays an obvious role in energy conservation, more advanced lighting controls can take the savings even further. As the name suggests, these sensors work with sound or motion control technology, and will automatically dim or switch lights off when an area has not been occupied for a specified period of time. This type of lighting control can result in 35-45 percent energy savings.

Have a question about our electrical or commercial lighting supplies? Call us or visit our applications page for more information.

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Graybar Teterboro

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