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Graybar Hamilton, New Jersey

Established in 1869, Graybar has secured a position as one of North America’s leading commercial lighting suppliers. Through our formidable distribution network of  locations, including Graybar Hamilton, we are helping to power and network our customer’s buildings with speed, intelligence, and efficiency. With Graybar is one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America and ranked in the Fortune 500. We maintain a balance between big company presence and neighborhood store integrity.

Protecting our planet is one of the primary concerns of the 21st century. That’s why Graybar building solutions are more than a trend. They are a sound investment in the future of this planet. Over 30 percent of energy used in commercial buildings is wasted needlessly. We can help you to monitor, report on, control, and reduce that percentage by a great margin.

At your disposal is a full inventory of top-notch electrical supplies from leading manufacturers like General Electric, Acuity Brands, Philips, Lutron, and many more. Using these products, our teams can help build “intelligent” buildings with an internal structure of lighting, communications, HVAC and security systems that talk to one another through an integrated control board and a single IP-enabled network.

In your existing buildings, lighting already accounts for roughly 25 percent of energy consumed. Retrofitting your buildings’ lighting systems is a highly effective way to cut energy costs. Lighting retrofits also improve the quality of the light produced while emitting less heat. The majority of electrical supplies will swap out directly with existing fixtures and even use the same housings, negating the need to rewire and hassle with ceiling tiles or wall repair. Upgrading the fixture components with energy efficient replacements can reduce your lighting energy usage by as much as 67 percent, and we will assist in the disposal and recycling of the old fixtures.

Graybar Hamilton is a hallmark of what makes Graybar a leading commercial lighting supplier today.

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Graybar Hamilton

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