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Graybar Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Graybar Winston-Salem, one of Graybar’s  North American locations, has a fully stocked warehouse of high-quality electrical supplies from many leading manufacturers like General Electric, Acuity Brands, Philips and more. Founded in 1869, Graybar has propelled itself to the top of the commercial lighting suppliers in North America, and is now a Fortune 500 company. As one of the country’s largest employee-owned companies, we have the presence and stability of a large corporation, and the drive and honesty of a local neighborhood business.

Ever increasing electricity costs and new environmental regulations have everyone scrambling to find an energy strategy that will not only save money, but will add business value looking into the future. With over 30 percent of energy consumed in commercial buildings used inefficiently, every commercial operator stands to benefit from our comprehensive solutions. Integrating Graybar PowerSmart® solutions can help you to attain your long-term sustainability goals like reducing overall energy usage by 20 percent by the year 2020 as required by the U.S. Government.

A great way to reduce the energy footprint of your existing buildings is to retrofit the lighting systems. Simply swapping out old lamps and ballasts for newer counterparts will improve the quality of light produced and reduce energy costs in one. Many of our electrical supplies will install directly into the fixture housings previously occupied by the outdated technology. These upgrades can reduce energy consumption by as much as 67 percent and will pay for themselves in as little as two years.

When planning new projects to be built, our technical specialists can help integrate design features that will bring your new building into the space-age. Modern daylighting, when implemented properly, will drastically reduce the cost of lighting during the day. Internal light and motion sensors will cooperate with intelligent control boards to further optimize the lighting situation inside your building.

Graybar Winston-Salem can supply and advise any and all of your current and future lighting projects.

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News and Events

  • New Tunable Classroom Lighting Technology Makes the Grade

    Tunable light is a new technology that allows you to easily change how warm or cool the light appears in a room. An LED lighting upgrade in one classroom quickly demonstrated how this new technology can not only save money and energy but can also enhance classroom activities.


Graybar Winston Salem

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