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When searching for electrical supplies, Graybar Charlotte is your local distributor of high-quality electrical, communications and data networking products. As an industry leader in obtaining, storing, and delivering tens of thousands of electrical, communications and data products, Graybar specializes in related supply chain management and logistics services.

As a company committed to providing the latest and most reliable technologies, Graybar carries a wide variety of fiber optic cables and related products. When it comes to communication services, fiber optic technology is king. The rise of the internet and expanded worldwide communication led to fiber optic expansion, and, with good reason, the majority of long-distance communication traffic now moves through fiber optic cables.

Fiber optic cables are superior to traditional metal cables in that they are thinner, lighter, less prone to interference, and have a greater bandwidth. More information is able to be carried through a smaller implement.

As technologies trend and change, it is important to keep your business up-to-date with the latest fiber optic cable solutions and supplies. Whether you’re in need of cables, connectors, or splicers, Graybar offers the electrical supplies and tools you need. Graybar carries fiber optic cable supplies for various types of installation processes, including entire building, floor-to-floor, single floor, and desk installations.

In addition to products, Graybar offers a variety of services and educational events throughout the country and on the web. See your local events below or visit our national events page to find out more information about these events.

For almost 150 years, Graybar has been serving businesses by offering superior products and services. For more information on how Graybar can assist you in finding the most affordable electrical supplies, contact one of our local representatives.

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