Graybar Portland, ME

Graybar Portland, Maine

Graybar Portland, Maine is a sales office with a counter and will call pickup. Founded in 1869 and one of the largest employee owned companies in America, Graybar offers everything a customer may need to finish projects from beginning to end.

Our Portland location is part of the leading commercial lighting supplier in the country. With services ranging from logistics and material management to project consultation and building retrofitting, Graybar is dedicated to helping businesses cut energy costs across the board.

Every business should have the goal of improving profitability, and cutting energy consumption is an often overlooked method of doing just that. Over 30 percent of energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. Graybar can help control, monitor, report on, and drastically reduce energy costs.

We offer a variety of lighting solutions and systems including lamps, ballast, controls and sensors from a variety of leading manufacturers such as General Electric, Lutron and Acuity Brands.

Lighting is a huge factor in energy consumption, and we specialize in streamlining, retrofitting, and improving your lighting systems. By utilizing LED fixtures, sound and motion sensors, and natural light sources, our sales representatives and technical specialists can help build a plan for your existing buildings, and any new construction projects up and coming.

Intelligent control systems are utilized to ensure the lights not currently in use don’t continue to draw power. Using timing schedules, sensors, and dimmer switches, our automated control boards can be tuned for every office, classroom, ER, hallway, or outdoor work zone.

When designing lighting solutions for new construction projects, our highly skilled technical specialists can make use of natural daylight sources like skylights and windows. Properly implemented, daytime lighting can drastically reduce energy consumption and lower operating and investment costs. Coupled with daylight dimmers, we can ensure proper lighting of your business at all hours of the day.

Graybar’s Portland electrical supply is the most comprehensive commercial lighting supplier in Maine.

Graybar Working to Your Advantage

We have 3 flatbed trucks that come with or without a Moffett fork truck, which can deliver to your job site in the Portland area.

Moffett fork truck Moffett fork truck Moffett fork truck


Taking care of your wiring solutions.

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  • Now in Stock!

    Graybar and L. H. Dottie provide everything you need to make your work environment safe!


  • Now in Stock!

    AFCI's are now required by the National Electrical Code® in many areas of the home including bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, sunrooms, closets, hallways and similar rooms or areas


  • Now in Stock in the Zone! Plasti-Bond Coated Galvanized Rigid Conduit

    PVC coated rigid metal conduit with red urethane interior coating protects conductors from mechanical damage and corrosive attack. Electrical continuity is maintained across assembled joints.


  • Now in Stock in the Zone! Superstrut Cobra One-Piece Cable and Pipe Clamp

    Superstrut® by Thomas & Betts is a one-piece, heavy-duty construction ready to install right out of the box, no need to break apart and reassemble, no screws or bolts to drop.


  • Graybar Develops City-wide Security Solution

    Located on the Saco River in southern Maine, the city of Saco is comprised of more than 16,000 residents, numerous commercial industries, bustling amusement parks and scenic beaches that draw many tourists. The city of Saco offers a great place to work, live, and vacation. To ensure this type of environment, the city implemented a city-wide security solution to ensure the safety of it’s employees, residents, and visitors.


Graybar Portland, ME

29 West Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101

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Phone: (207) 517-8600
Fax: (207) 774-7864
Emergency Number: 800-GRAYBAR (472-9227)

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Mon-Fri: 6:30 am to 4:30 pm
Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Mon-Fri: 5:00 am to 11:00 pm EST
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