Graybar Boston

Graybar Boston

As one of Graybar’s  North American locations, Graybar Boston offers exceptional electrical supplies as well as communications and data networking products. We specialize in related supply chain management and logistics services. Graybar works with the greatest industry leaders and manufacturers to provide businesses with the latest technologies and systems.

When it comes to fiber optic cable solutions, Graybar stocks a variety of products and services to fit your needs. While fiber optic technology has been around since the mid 1800s, it has exponentially expanded in the last 20 years thanks to the rise of the internet and extended communication practices worldwide.

Fiber optic cables prove to be superior to traditional metal cables in several ways. Fiber optic cables are considerably thinner and more lightweight than traditional metal cables. They are less susceptible to cross wire interference. A fiber optic cable is capable of carrying far more data than a traditional metal cable thanks to its extended bandwidth. It also transmits data digitally instead of analogically.

If your business is considering fiber optic cable solutions, browse Graybar’s wide assortment of fiber optic products. From cables to connectors to splicers, Graybar carries a variety of brands to meet your immediate needs. Our products and services are suitable for a variety of installations including whole building, floor-to-floor, single floor and desk installations.

In addition to providing the most reliable and innovative electrical supply technology, Graybar offers a variety of product-specific training courses via webinars and events throughout the country. See the local events below.

Graybar Boston has the supplies you need whether it’s for a simple fiber optic cable upgrade or a complete electrical overhaul.

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News and Events

  • Graybar Speeds Up The Jobsite For Coghlin Electric

    For Coghlin Electric, Graybar SmartStock Select streamlined the management of a million-dollar parts inventory by cutting in half the time spent on inventory management, reducing job deliveries from twice a day to once a week, making phase changes and inventory wind-down easy and consolidating to one purchase order and invoice per month.


Graybar Boston

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