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Graybar Hammond, Indiana

Graybar, established in 1869, has become known as one of America’s leading commercial lighting suppliers. Distributing high-quality electrical supplies, communications and data networking products, and maintaining the related supply chain and inventory management logistics of our clients is our specialty. One of  locations in North America, Graybar Hammond stocks thousands of products from hundreds of top-of-the-line manufacturers such as General Electric, Acuity Brands, Lutron, Philips, and more.

Cutting energy costs is essential to every commercial building manager in today’s economy. Over 30 percent of energy in commercial buildings is wasted. By retrofitting existing buildings and planning new ones to be more efficient from the start, businesses can see a return on investment of up to 45 percent. Increased savings can be seen by using modern lighting control systems, such as intelligent control boards, occupancy sensors, manual and daylight activated dimmer switches, natural daylight sources, and time scheduling.

The control systems can be stand-alone or fully integrated into a building-wide automation system. With full digital control, commands can be issued to specific sections of a facility. Such control systems can be automated or manual, and can assist in load-shedding practices which drive down energy usage during peak demand periods.

Lighting alone accounts for more than 20% of the energy costs in most commercial buildings. In as little as 2 years, lighting upgrades can pay for themselves and even offer a significant return on investment. Graybar Hammond can assist in retrofitting and overhauling any existing buildings.

A lighting retrofit is an effective and simple way to make your existing building more energy efficient. These retrofits not only improve lighting quality, but also result in less heat buildup in the building envelope, reducing air conditioning costs. By swapping out existing lamps and ballast systems, newer, better systems can be installed directly into the old fixture housing. This reduces the effort involved with removing and repairing ceiling tiles, and cuts down on turnaround time. As one of the largest commercial lighting suppliers in the country, Graybar has thousands of products to choose from when retrofitting a building.

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Graybar Hammond

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