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For over 145 years, Graybar has maintained a very solid reputation and is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States today. Employing thousands of men and women at  North American locations, we have the power and stability of a big company coupled with the integrity and friendliness of a neighborhood business.

Graybar Des Moines stocks and delivers thousands of high quality electrical supplies produced by hundreds of trusted manufacturers like General Electric, Acuity Brands, Philips and Lutron. Graybar is the preferred commercial lighting supplier of corporate and government facilities everywhere.

A very large part of what we do at Graybar Des Moines is energy conservation and resource management. When 30 percent of all energy used in commercial buildings wasted or used less than optimally, every business can benefit from our comprehensive energy solutions. These solutions have also been shown to reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity and safety overall. Upgrades to your systems can pay for themselves and then some in as little as two years. Integrating Graybar energy solutions will also help support your long term sustainability goals, such as a government mandated reduction in general energy usage by 20 percent by the year 2020.

A simple yet effective way to make the lighting in your building more energy efficient is a complete lighting retrofit. Retrofitting will also improve the quality of lighting and reduce heat emitted, thereby cutting air conditioning costs. Many electrical supplies swap out directly with older systems, using the same fixture housings and reducing project turn-around time and ceiling or wall repairs. Upgrading internal fixture components can yield energy savings of up to 67 percent and we can help with the disposal and recycling of the aluminum louver, old lamps, ballasts, and bulbs in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

If your project is in need of an end-to-end solution for lighting, networking, or even a half-mile of raw electrical supplies, Graybar Des Moines has it and can deliver when and where the materials are needed.

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