Graybar Cartersville

Graybar Cartersville, Georgia

One of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States, Graybar has thousands of men and women working at  North American locations. We specialize in the logistic support and supply of thousands of high-quality electrical supplies. Graybar has been established as one of America’s leading commercial lighting suppliers since 1869. Our Cartersville branch is a great example of our small neighborhood charm and our stability as one of the Fortune 500.

Lighting alone accounts for more than 20 percent of the energy costs in most commercial buildings. In as little as 2 years, lighting upgrades can pay for themselves and even offer a significant return on investment. Graybar Cartersville can assist in retrofitting and overhauling any existing building and even help in the planning of new buildings.

In a modern world where electrical costs are rising and environmental concerns are paramount in social media, every commercial operation stands to benefit from streamlining their energy consumption. Over 30 percent of energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. A lighting retrofit is a simple yet effective way to make your building’s lighting system far more energy efficient. Swapping out old lamps and ballasts with energy efficient replacements will also improve the quality of lightning in the workplace. Many electrical supplies install in minutes and make use of the existing fixture housings, which saves time and money, and has no need for the removal of ceiling tiles.

When designing a new building from the ground up, many things can be integrally built to save energy. Our technical specialists can assist the architect in designing natural daylight sources that will eliminate the need to run electrical lighting during the daytime. For the rest of the building, advanced lighting control systems are tied into occupancy sensors and dimmers, working with time scheduling to cut remaining energy costs to only what is truly necessary.

With access to the arsenal of high-quality electrical supplies stocked by Graybar, our Cartersville branch stands ready to help with all future projects.

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Graybar Cartersville

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