Graybar Industrial Case Studies

Learn how Graybar can save you maintenance time and energy costs for your industrial facility by reviewing one of our case studies below.

  • Graybar PowerSmart Helps Leading Robotics Manufacturer Upgrade Warehouse Lighting

    Graybar addressed Yaskawa Motoman’s warehouse lighting needs with a seamless, start-to-finish solution that now allows for taller robotics equipment, which is projected to help reduce energy usage with a two-year positive return on investment.


  • Graybar Helps Keep Tables Turning Atop Space Needle

    Graybar and Schneider Electric's goal was simple: to eliminate any noise or rotation issues at SkyCity restaurant while working with the Space Needle’s unique needs and time constraints for improvements. It was a high-profile project without any room for error.


  • Graybar Solutions Secure Largest U.S. Refinery

    To ensure 24-hour video surveillance of the 3,600-acre property at Motiva, Graybar procured eight Pelco ExSite cameras along with related fiber optic cabling. Although the facility is large in size, the solution enabled Motiva to save the time and money it would have spent employing a security staff to patrol the facility.


  • Graybar Saves Energy for Forest Products Manufacturer

    Graybar and Schneider Electric helped the customer transition to innovative energy technologies that will ultimately improve the manufacturer’s long-term operational performance.


  • Graybar Monitoring Solution Allows Weir SPM to Boost Employee Safety

    Utilizing Pelco and FLIR automation solutions, testing of pressure pumping equipment used in hydraulic fracturing is now done from a control center outside the blast-proof enclosure.


  • One, Two, Three, Automate!

    One, Two, Three, Automate: Graybar helps city of Dickinson save time, energy and costs with three step municipal-water solution.