Florida School District Revitalizes Classrooms with Graybar

Sarasota Classroom Lighting Retrofit Case Study

Florida School District Revitalizes Classrooms with Graybar

In 2014-15, the Sarasota County School District in Florida saved 24 cents per square foot on energy compared to the state average*. The district accomplished this by retrofitting more than 2,100 troffers in one of the district’s middle schools during the summer of 2014. To get it done, the district looked to Graybar.

  • $57,500 annual savings
  • 2,163 troffers retrofitted
  • Four-week installation with minimal disruption to school operations
  • Reduced glare and uniform light distribution


The Sarasota County School District consists of more than 43,000 students across 53 schools in four cities.


The school needed to retrofit 2,163 troffers without disruption to students or faculty.


By using Philips’ EvoKit solution, the school was able to retrofit all the troffers in just four weeks over the summer with no major disruption to the school’s operations. Additionally, Graybar’s U.S Communities contract allowed the school district to purchase the materials through the use of cooperative purchasing laws. According to their website, U.S. Communities is the leading national government purchasing cooperative, providing world class government procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies looking for the best overall supplier government pricing.


The retrofit saves the school approximately $57,500 annually. Due to the success of the solution, Sarasota County plans to retrofit an additional 35-40 schools in the near future.

It gives the classroom a new look without painting any walls, or putting in a new carpet. It’s a complete aesthetic upgrade to the entire classroom and learning environment.

Mike Siciliano
Energy Manager, Sarasota County School District