Graybar Helps Evansville Plant Improve Productivity and Profitability with Opportunity Walk

Evansville Plant Opportunity Walk Case Study


Silgan Closures is a leading global supplier of an extensive range of metal, plastic and composite vacuum holding closures. In 2013, Graybar started servicing Silgan Closures’ Evansville, Indiana, plant to help satisfy their vendor managed inventory (VMI) needs.

It didn’t take long for Graybar Sales Representative Tom Miller and Branch Manager Bob Duncan to recognize the value an Opportunity Walk could bring to the Silgan White Cap plant. Pleased with the products and services Graybar offered, Silgan agreed to participate.


After several meetings of discussing the plant’s needs and challenges with Silgan’s management team, including Evansville Plant Manager Phil Green, an Opportunity Walk was performed.

Graybar observed the plant’s various activities and processes and conducted interviews with members of the plant’s electrical staff, tool crib attendants and accounting department. The results revealed a number of opportunities for Silgan to improve the plant’s productivity and profitability.

“A list of topics were developed and then broken down into specific categories,” said Green. “We considered which items would benefit from VMI and which would require separate purchase orders. We analyzed delivery frequency, and Silgan determined that it would be optimal for Graybar’s delivery team to have enhanced access to service the plant, even after normal hours. Graybar also accommodated the use of Silgan’s preferred freight carriers, contributing to even more cost savings.”


Silgan is pleased with the results and looks forward to continue working with Graybar to build on this project’s success.

“The Opportunity Walk helped us identify ways to meet the demands of our rapidly expanding business opportunities with confidence,” said Green. “We look forward to continuing our relationship and building on this success in the coming year.”

What Is an Opportunity Walk?

Opportunity Walks are designed to identify opportunities to reduce waste in your company’s processes and procedures. Opportunity Walks can address a variety of areas or specific issues, including how your company interfaces with Graybar, how your employees complete day-to-day tasks, your warehouse receiving, inventory management and shipping processes.

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