Graybar PowerSmart® Provides Turnkey Lighting Solution to Texas Parking Lot



When a large corporate campus in Texas began experiencing issues with the recently converted lighting system of its parking garage, it looked to Graybar for help.

The campus had converted from a 100-watt metal halide lighting system to a 42-watt CFL system in an effort to reduce energy and operating costs. The solution had significantly reduced the garage’s energy use, but with slightly lower light levels. Shortly after the conversion, the new CFL lamps began to fail, causing potential security and safety issues due to the loss of light.


Graybar Sales Representatives Justin Dumas and Blake Curry recommended a Graybar PowerSmart® solution that included the replacement of 480 existing fixtures with 34-watt McGraw- Edison TopTier™ LED luminaires from Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business. The new LED fixtures are expected to boast a longer service life, provide a crisp, even, level of light and help reduce operating costs.

The solution also included multiple lighting control zones using on-board occupancy sensors. The programmable wireless sensors on the new fixtures allow hi/low dimming to 50 percent when the parking structure is unoccupied.

Graybar provided a complete turnkey solution, allowing the campus to rely on a single vendor to manage the project from start to finish. Graybar worked closely with Texas Lighting Sales to provide lighting layouts, installation, and order support.


The campus expects to save approximately 261,513 kWh (or $20,290) annually in energy costs, or approximately $43,230 annually in total energy and maintenance savings. The estimated payback period is about three years and has sparked interest for additional upgrades.

About Graybar PowerSmart®
Graybar PowerSmart is a complete offering of proven energy-saving solutions that can help facility owners reduce costs and meet environmental goals. At Graybar, we are committed to environmental sustainability, both in the way we run our business and in the solutions we provide our customers.

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