Graybar Helps Mountain Commercial Graphics Boost Lighting Quality and Production

LEDs Help Lighting Evolve
Graybar provides a broad range of solutions and products that help customers light their environments with an eye toward the future. As technology advances, LED solutions are being used for commercial building applications.

PowerSmart® LED lighting solutions offer:
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Longer life span
  • Dimming capabilities
  • Instant bulb brightness
  • Improved visibility
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Houston-based Mountain Commercial Graphics develops high-quality digital and screen-printed graphics from concept to completion for both indoor and outdoor environments. But the company was recently experiencing challenging maintenance needs on its lighting system. Replacements for the existing system’s lamps were becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to find. That’s when Graybar’s Russell Warren, an automation sales specialist who was working on site at the time, explained how Graybar PowerSmart® could help the company reduce energy costs and improve efficiencies.


The first step in this process was to conduct an energy audit of the Mountain Commercial Graphics facility. This audit revealed that over time, projected rising energy costs would make the conversion to high-quality, lower-wattage lighting a win-win for the company. An upgrade would help reduce the hassle associated with sourcing hard-to-find light bulbs, while helping lower operating costs through improved energy efficiency.

Graybar joined forces with Trio Electric, an electrical contracting firm specializing in manufacturing and industrial projects, to develop a customized, yet more cost-effective solution. The team’s plan centered around new, high-quality lamps that featured lower wattage and were designed to provide a longer lifespan. Graybar and Trio then worked together to obtain cost-efficient retrofit kits to leverage existing light fixtures to incorporate the new lamps. As a final step, the team identified specific utility and warranty rebates that allowed Mountain Commercial Graphics to reduce the total investment cost.

“When a case of bulbs had almost doubled in price since I had to buy them last, I began accepting bids to change our lighting, and also contacted Graybar for additional bidding for the material since we had great success using their services in the past,” said Roy Williamson, maintenance technician for Mountain Commercial Graphics. “Graybar supplied Trio with the parts to upgrade our existing fixtures to get increased lighting with minimal cost, and also saw to it that we were supplied with the items our contractor needed. Due to the success of this project, I will be calling Graybar again in the future.”

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With the new system in place, Mountain Commercial Graphics is expected to save about $16,700 per year in combined energy and maintenance costs. The new, more dependable lighting also helps employees confirm the color quality of products.

“We’re more successful when contractors and distributors work together, and in the end, the customer always benefits,” said Beau Pollock, president at Trio Electric. “In this case, we initially had trouble finding lamps and ballasts to meet existing rebate incentives, but Graybar’s extensive sales force saved the day. Graybar was able to find the lamps and ballasts originally specified in our proposal, and worked to source them at our originally quoted price. The collaboration ensured Mountain Commercial Graphics would be able to benefit from the available incentives.”


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