LED Lights Bring New Look to Long-Term Care Facility

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The McGuire Group is a family-owned, award-winning health care and rehab provider in Western New York and Long Island. With six different facilities and services ranging from 24-hour skilled nursing care to subacute and outpatient rehabilitation, memory care, hospice and short-term care, the McGuire Group prides itself in not only being a great place to live, but also a great place to work.


When McGuire’s Northgate Health Care Facility Manager Al Carroll began looking for an LED replacement lamp for a twin 26-watt CFL 8-inch downlight, he looked to Graybar for a solution. Though LED lights are known for having a substantially longer life and using 50-80 percent less electricity, they also can make a meaningful impact in other ways. The conversation about a simple LED replacement soon developed into a much larger one – resulting in significant cost savings as well as an enhanced work and residential experience.


At first, Carroll hesitated at the idea of a lighting upgrade, as he was uncertain about making such a big change. Cautious about the investment, Carroll agreed to sample fixtures in select offices and hallways to evaluate the effect and get feedback from his residents.

A Graybar PowerSmart® solution was proposed that included LED downlights and GE Lighting retrofit door kits to replace the existing metal halide and fluorescent lamps at the Northgate facility. And it didn’t take long for residents and employees to recognize the difference the new lights made.

“The change was quickly recognized. One of our employees used to get headaches almost every afternoon from the old fluorescent lighting. Once the new LED fixtures were installed, the headaches stopped.

Al Carroll | Northgate Health Care Facility Manager



Completed in April 2016, the LED upgrade at Northgate Facility is expected to deliver an estimated annual electric cost savings of $19,610. With a much brighter light output than before, the facility was even able to replace two downlights for every three of the existing lights. Northgate also managed to benefit from a $35,040 utility rebate.

“The light output of the new fixtures definitely exceeded my expectations,” said Carroll. “Our employees have commented on how much nicer and easier the new lighting is on the eyes, and residents have nicknamed the first completed hallway the happy hallway!”

Pleased with the results, McGuire is currently working with Graybar to perform lighting upgrades at all of the McGuire locations in Western New York, Long Island and Michigan.

Did You Know?

  • The human eye that is 65+ years old reduces incoming light by 65%
  • The medication-dispensing error rate at 450 lux is 3.8% *
  • 30 candles is the recommended ambient light in a resident’s room

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Graybar PowerSmart® Process
The Graybar PowerSmart team consists of Graybar team members and trusted installers.

  • Assess Current Building
  • Collect Data
  • Design Recommendation
  • ROI Proposal
  • Project Manage
  • Recycle Replace Items
  • Install
  • Finance
  • Rebates/Incentives
  • Measure Savings

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Sources: Noell, 1992; Buchaan et al., 1991; ANSI/IESNA, 2001
* One lux is equal to 0.0929 foot-candle.