Leading Full-Service Electrical Contractor Streamlines Processes with Graybar Opportunity Walk


Leading Full-Service Electrical Contractor Streamlines Processes with Graybar Opportunity Walk Case Study

When the president of a leading full-service electrical contractor in Florida heard about an opportunity to increase productivity and eliminate waste from his company’s processes and procedures, he was eager to learn more.

Graybar is a leading distributor of high-quality electrical, communications and data networking products and a provider of supply chain management and logistics services. With a number of service solutions designed to meet the needs of its customers, Graybar offers Opportunity Walks to help identify ways businesses can eliminate waste while streamlining processes.

Graybar Miami Manager, Customer Service Marci Gonzalez quickly organized an Opportunity Walk with the Graybar Continuous Improvement Team. The contractor guided Graybar through the entire operation, touring both the facility and a jobsite. Graybar visited all the different departments from accounts payable to purchasing, interviewed various project managers and walked the warehouse.


About two weeks and several meetings later, Graybar proposed a number of opportunities for the contractor to help streamline their purchasing processes. This included a tailored ShopGraybar account that incorporated the Graybar SmartStock® Plus Mobile App and a two-step purchasing approval process. QR codes, complete with product images, favorites lists and fast search catalogs, were created containing specified items for selected projects and allowing field personnel to submit requests for material directly from their smart phones.

To help reduce error rates on orders, deliveries and returns, Graybar also provided the contractor with advanced shipping notices and order acknowledgements.

“The custom catalogs have helped to standardize many of their jobs,” said Gonzalez. “And now, their foremen have QR codes and pictures of the product right in front of them, eliminating errors and making everything so much more efficient than before.”


Since the Opportunity Walk, the contractor has reported a decrease in daily returns, deliveries, processing of reordered product and time spent resourcing materials. Prior to the change, project managers were spending around five hours a week resourcing project materials; now it’s down to about 30 minutes a week.

Before, they were making around 17 returns per month. Now, it’s down to less than six. It’s definitely made everyone’s job easier.

Marci Gonzalez | Graybar Miami Manager, Customer Service


What is an Opportunity Walk?

An Opportunity Walk provides an outside perspective on ways to help your business increase efficiency and profitability by reducing process waste.


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