Graybar Helps Customer Launch Co-Location Data Center Case Study

Integral Solutions

Data storage needs are booming, spurring big opportunities for IT service companies like Integral Solutions, which recently constructed upstate South Carolina's first Tier IV data center.

The upstate region of South Carolina is a growing technology corridor, where communication needs are mounting faster than the market can accommodate. Co-location data center services can help local businesses manage their networks by offering a flexible and secure alternative to onsite, privately owned data centers.

"Our customer base came to us looking for data center services," said Joe Strayer, vice president of integration services for Integral Solutions. "We saw an opportunity to expand our offerings and fulfill a regional need."

As an IT integrator, the Spartanburg, South Carolina-based company was no stranger to the complexities of networking infrastructures. But it had big plans and a tight schedule – not to mention a long procurement list that required sensitive coordination.

"We did not want to do the bidding," Strayer explained."We knew customers might be touring our data center, and we didn’t want to appear to be endorsing one manufacturer over another."

Having worked with Graybar on previous projects, Integral knew the distributor was the perfect choice for managing manufacturer relationships. And outsourcing procurement to Graybar enabled the company to focus on what it did best: network design and installation.

"With Graybar, we were able to say ‘Here’s what we need, we want you to take over,’" said Strayer. "They saved us a lot of time."

The project ran on a tight timeline, with just 12 months for everything, from design to installation. As Integral installers worked to convert an existing facility into a data center, Graybar managed relationships with cabling manufacturers, researched and priced connectivity solutions as well as staging and delivering materials.

On Jan. 1, 2010, Integral Solutions rang in the New Year on time and under budget with a 15,000-square foot, Tier IV data center, which is designed to support customers' mission-critical systems while ensuring near-100 percent availability through network redundancies as well as independently powered heating and cooling supplies. "We were thrilled to see it go up," said Greenville Sales Representative John Dockery. "It was a miracle resulting from good coordination and solid project management."

The stringent standards make Integral’s facility ideally suited for business continuity and back-up services as well as data-center hosting and data management for its customers. Currently, the data center uses 5,000 square feet of the state-of-the-art facility, and Integral plans to expand another 10,000 feet once the data reaches 70 percent capacity.

"Thanks to Graybar, everything went pretty much according to plan," said Strayer. "We are very pleased with the results and right now are tracking way ahead of our projected ROI dollars."


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