Graybar Monitoring Solution Allows Weir SPM to Boost Employee Safety

Weir SPM - Pelco

Weir SPM is the global leader in the manufacture of pressure pumping equipment used in hydraulic fracturing for the oil and gas industry. The company has expanded to meet the surging demand for these pumps, increasing production every year for the past three years.

These pumps transport fluids at very high pressure and must undergo a precise testing process before they can be shipped to customers. When Weir SPM decided to build an enclosed testing area at its Fort Worth, Texas, facility, it worked with engineering firm Integrated Machinery Services and Graybar to put in place a reliable solution for monitoring the testing from an outside control center.

The Solution

The Graybar team, led by Dave Homet, a technical specialist in Fort Worth, stepped in to help. Graybar collaborated with two surveillance equipment manufacturers to combine complex visual and thermal monitoring inside the testing enclosure.

Graybar has long worked with Crockett Sales Company, a manufacturer representative company that specializes in high-quality security products, including Pelco's Spectra video surveillance cameras, which were ideal for this project. In addition, Homet chose FLIR's A300 series infra-red automation cameras, which allowed Weir employees to track temperatures inside the testing facility to identify overheating.

Homet worked with specialists at Pelco and FLIR to develop an automation application that connected all the cameras mounted inside the blast-proof enclosure to a computer in the remote control center.

"Graybar worked with camera manufacturers and the builders of the testing enclosure to provide a technical solution that far exceeded my expectations," said Aubrey Campbell, manufacturing engineering manager at Weir SPM in Fort Worth. The Graybar team invited Campbell and his team to their facility in Dallas, where they had the opportunity to test various video and infra-red thermal cameras. "Graybar put together a great range of equipment and technology I didn't even know was available," Campbell said.

Weir SPM - FLIR A300

"Even though we had only worked with Graybar on small opportunities in the past, working with them on this project was an easy experience, thanks to Graybar's great technical knowledge and ability to provide exact solutions to meet customer needs," said Craig O'Neill, FLIR senior district sales manager for North Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Weir SPM was so pleased with the performance and functionality of the technology, the company doubled its initial installation order. With the full system now installed and functioning, Weir SPM operators in the control center – well outside the testing enclosure – receive critical information in real time, allowing them to monitor the process from a safe observation area.

The Result

The design and construction of the testing enclosure became a high-profile project for Weir SPM and a huge step toward improving employee safety. In fact, the company is considering expanding the monitoring solution into other facilities as part of its quality and safety control process. The knowledge of Graybar's technical specialists and the seamless collaboration of all parties involved resulted in the project's success.

"I would definitely be willing to work with Graybar in the future and have already recommended Graybar to several other colleagues at Weir SPM," said Campbell.


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