Graybar Upgrades Parking Lot Lighting at Corporate Facility


Graybar’s Corporate Centerpoint facility, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of Graybar’s more than 260 locations in North America. The facility holds more than 300 Graybar employees along with other tenants, including a university that conducts classes in the evening. As its parking lot lighting began to show signs of age, Graybar knew it was time for an upgrade.

Looking for a long-term solution that would reduce the amount of energy consumed, decrease maintenance costs and increase the safety and security of the parking lots, Graybar decided to make the switch to LEDs.


Graybar replaced the 23 existing metal halide fixtures in the parking lots with McGraw-Edison LED Luminaries from Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business. The new LED fixtures provide a more uniform level of light, which has been shown to increase safety and security in the parking lots. Plus, the longer service life of the fixtures helps reduce maintenance and operating costs.

To further increase energy savings, the solution included a LumaWatt wireless lighting control system. The control system allows Graybar to create a dimming schedule for the fixtures, reducing wattage as the evening progresses and the parking lots contain fewer vehicles. Motion sensors installed on each fixture can be programmed to reduce wattage by a specified percentage after a scheduled time when no activity is present in the area.


The new LED fixtures are projected to reduce annual energy consumption by 31,556 kilowatt hours. With the addition of the wireless lighting control system, Graybar estimates a further annual reduction of 6,317 kilowatt hours. Together the new fixtures and control system are expected to provide approximately $2,652 in energy savings per year.

The LED fixtures are expected to last 10 years with little or no maintenance required, resulting in an estimated $15,000 in maintenance savings over that period of time. In addition to maintenance and energy cost savings, Graybar is benefiting from local utility rebates.

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CS Centerpoint Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade Case Study