Graybar Upgrades Multi-Purpose Recreation Room with LEDs and Wireless Controls

With more than 3,000 members, Manchester United Methodist Church is the largest United Methodist Church in the state of Missouri and among the top 50 largest United Methodist Churches in the United States.


When Manchester United Methodist Church decided it was time to upgrade the aging 30-year old lighting system of its 5,000 square-foot multi-purpose recreation room, it turned to Graybar. The church wanted an energy efficient lighting solution that would also include dimming controls and occupancy sensors for basketball games and theater performances.

“Our existing system was poorly designed and not providing the light levels we needed, nor the control functionality that we desired,” said Manchester United Methodist Church Maintenance Supervisor Chris Mann.


Graybar Lighting Business Development Manager Joseph Stoll proposed a solution that included replacing the existing fixtures with LEDs paired with Lutron’s PowPak® wireless fixture control, occupancy sensors and a Pico® wireless control. The wireless remote would provide the church with complete control over the 24 lights in the recreation room. Also wireless, occupancy sensors were installed in the four corners of the room to ensure complete coverage.

The biggest challenge was that the existing lights were mounted to an old wooden ceiling that could not be disturbed. This wireless system eliminated the wiring issue completely.

Joseph Stoll | Graybar Lighting Business Development Manager


Providing a complete turnkey solution, Graybar worked closely with the local contractor to coordinate deliveries and even helped secure a $3,200 Ameren utility rebate.


Pleased with the results, the church expects an annual energy savings of approximately $5,000 and a three year return on investment.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the results,” said Mann. “When we contacted Graybar, they came in and provided a solution that didn’t require extensive rewiring of the space. It was a big deal because the wireless solution saved a large amount of money in labor costs.”

Since the project, Graybar has also assisted with upgrading the church’s main lobby lighting, successfully replacing more than 24 500-watt halogen PAR recessed can lights with Cooper Lighting’s LED can light retrofit kits. The kits include special factory installed dimming LED drivers designed to dim from the existing incandescent dimming rack.

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