Graybar Retrofits Headquarters Parking Garage



According to the U.S. Department of Energy, building owners spend more than $6 billion annually to light their parking lots and garages. By taking advantage of energy efficient lighting solutions and upgrading these outdoor spaces, businesses can help significantly reduce this expense, resulting in overall energy savings and improving the company’s bottom line.

These were all thoughts that went through the mind of Graybar Corporate Facilities Building Manager Chris Laughman when he was planning to upgrade the parking garage lighting of Graybar’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis. The eight-level garage has approximately 270 parking spots and is attached to the building’s headquarters. Two years ago, Graybar implemented a number of energy-saving improvements inside its headquarters, and now it was time to take that energy savings to other parts of the facility.

“There’s a huge opportunity for large buildings when it comes to parking lot and garage lights,” said Laughman. “Many facility managers look at ways for reducing energy inside their building, but stop at the front door, not even taking into consideration exterior energy savings.”


The upgrade began in June 2014, when Graybar replaced all of the T8s in the parking garage and stairwells with energy-efficient LEDs from Acuity Brands. The new lights provide an even lighting experience, with less shadows and an overall better lighting color.

Plus, the longer life of the LED fixtures results in less change outs, a benefit happily accepted by the maintenance crew.

The installations took place throughout the summer while the garage was in full use by employees, tenants and visitors. To avoid impacting day-to-day operations, installations took place during the second shift. The lights around the garage entrance, a high-traffic area, were installed over a weekend.


The entire project was completed in August 2014. Pleased with the results, Graybar has experienced a 34 percent reduction in kilowatts from pre-installation to post-installation. In total, approximately 218 garage lights and 39 stairwell lights were replaced.

Clayton Garage by the numbers:
10-year estimated total savings: $212,290
ROI: 3.5 years

Additional features of the new lights include daylight harvesting and the reduction of light pollution, which is when the light leaves the building and interferes with a neighbor’s property. The lights also feature occupancy sensors for even more energy savings.


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CS Graybar Retrofits Headquarters Parking Garage