Graybar Provides Turnkey Lighting and Security Solutions for Union Facility

Graybar Provides Turnkey Lighting and Security Solutions for Union Facility


The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150, is a labor union representing more than 23,000 workers in various industries, including construction, concrete pumping, steel mill service, slag production and others. Headquartered in Countryside, Illinois, Local 150 helps represent and negotiate contracts for workers in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

Always looking for ways to better serve its members and the community, Local 150 decided to upgrade the lighting in one of its two banquet halls. The banquet hall had been used for internal meetings and had also hosted outside events.

Local 150 believed that the antiquated lighting system had limited the hall’s appeal to provide these services. An upgraded system could improve the aesthetics of the banquet hall and bring additional revenue and cost savings. But first, Local 150 needed a trusted provider to help design, layout and manage the project.


Graybar is a leading distributor of high-quality electrical, communications and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management services.

Working closely with Local 150, Graybar Sales Representative Jamie Pontecorvo and Graybar Manager Specialty Business Alan Humbird designed a new lighting system that integrated Acuity Brands LED fixtures with highly sophisticated light controls. The new system would provide the banquet hall with more control, flexibility and a brighter overall lighting experience.


Pleased with the results and services for the banquet hall that Graybar had provided, Local 150 teamed up with Graybar for a number of additional upgrades and cost- saving projects. This included a complete overhaul to the union’s security system and lighting upgrades for its training center as well as all nine of Local 150’s district locations.

Though each project was unique with different goals, materials and integrators, Pontecorvo and Humbird successfully managed each one. Graybar specified the material for each job, acted as the project manager during installation and even sub-contracted the labor. In addition, all utility rebates and grant monies were obtained for the union by Graybar.

“Our turnkey solution from Graybar PowerSmart® allowed Local 150 to rely on a single solutions provider to simplify and integrate complex projects. Instead of having to coordinate with the manufacturers, distributors, designers, utilities and contractors, Local 150 trusted Graybar to handle all aspects of the project on the union’s behalf,” said Pontecorvo.

In 2015, Local 150 hopes to work with Graybar to implement even more energy saving and security projects, including solar panel installation and security upgrades to other locations.

Additional Upgrades and Cost-Saving Projects

  • Training Center LED Lighting Upgrade: To improve lighting and lower energy and maintenance costs, 300 metal halide fixtures were replaced with GE’s Albeo LEDs.
    Results: Estimated Annual Operating Savings: $37,000
    Approximate Rebate: $60,000
  • Exterior Locations LED Lighting Upgrade: Graybar developed a master specification, which included Lithonia’s line of exterior LEDs, and provided a turnkey solution to each of the locations, allowing Local 150 to maintain the aesthetic continuity of the different campuses.
    Results: Estimated Annual Operating Savings: $41,000
    Approximate Rebate: $24,000
  • Security System Upgrade: Graybar designed a solution that repurposed the existing analog camera system and added 59 new digital cameras to cover all requested areas of the campus.
    Results: Local 150 plans to roll out upgrade security camera project to all Local 150 locations and offer remote viewing between properties to save time in addressing security threats.

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