Graybar Provides Inventory Management Solution to VEC

Graybar Inventory Management Solution VEC Case Study

The Challenge

When Valley Electrical Consolidated Inc. (VEC) received the electrical contract on a $1 billion steel mill project in early 2012, the company needed an efficient way to manage materials on site. The mill, designed to make seamless pipe for the natural gas industry, was the largest privately funded construction project in the country at the time.

The Solution

Graybar, a leading distributor of high-quality electrical, communications and data network products, and specializing in related supply chain management and logistics services, had a long-standing relationship with the Youngstown-based contractor, dating back to 1975. Graybar immediately introduced VEC to Graybar SmartStock®, an electronic inventory management solution created to simplify stock management and material replenishment.

Specifically, Youngstown Sales Representative Dennis Rucci recommended Graybar SmartStock Select, the most sophisticated version of the program. This system would streamline the ordering, tracking, measuring and replenishing of VEC’s entire jobsite inventory.

The project began in August 2012, when Graybar delivered five 40-foot semi-trailers directly to the jobsite. Each trailer was fully stocked with 30 racks of material.

Graybar Inventory Management Solution VEC Case Study

For more than a year, Graybar SmartStock system helped manage the inventory and replacement of materials for the project. But it was the communication between Rucci and VEC Materials Manager Josh Harcarik that led to the ultimate success of the project.

“As with any tool that we use to get a job done, this tool is only as good as the person or people running it,” said Harcarik.

Graybar visited the jobsite regularly to monitor progress and adjust available materials as needed. This process resulted in fewer returns, quicker deliveries, and a significant savings in time, effort and money.

The Results

Since the completion of the electrical work in May 2013, five more SmartStock trailers have been implemented on VEC jobsites.

“The advantage of having Graybar and their stock on site is undeniable,” said Harcarik. “The overall necessity to have materials to start, maintain and complete jobs is quite frankly overwhelming. The Graybar SmartStock system shoulders the vast majority of that burden, allowing us to focus on the job at hand. Utilizing the Graybar SmartStock system, our on-site material logistics team is able to receive a request for material; pull most, if not all, of the items; and complete delivery to the individual teams in the field within minutes.”

VEC provides electrical, mechanical and civil contracting services nationwide, and is one of the nation’s leading contractors in the oil and gas industry.


About SmartStock

Graybar SmartStock® is an inventory management system for those who would rather count profits than parts. Designed to streamline processes, deploy best-in-class technology, and ensure the right materials are at the right place at the right time, SmartStock can help you save both time and cost from your procurement practices. SmartStock offers three levels of functionality and support designed to address the needs of inventory managers.

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