Graybar PowerSmart® Helps Leading Robotics Manufacturer Upgrade Warehouse Lighting

Graybar PowerSmart Helps Leading Robotics Manufacturer Upgrade Warehouse Lighting


Yaskawa America, Inc. Motoman Robotics Division is a worldwide leader in innovative automation solutions and robotics. Since opening in 1989, the organization has grown rapidly, and is now one of the largest custom robotic solution providers in the Western Hemisphere.

As the company expanded, so has the need for an updated lighting system. Frank Bibas, senior general manager of Yaskawa Motoman’s Western Regional Center in Irvine, Calif., noticed a need for higher fixtures that would accommodate the larger machines now developed by the company.

Since Bibas was familiar with Graybar’s PowerSmart® energy offerings, he reached out to Graybar Lighting Specialist Mike Milligan to explore solutions that would address the facility’s lighting-related height and storage challenges in the warehouse.


Graybar started by conducting an energy assessment of Yaskawa Motoman’s 60,000-square-foot facility. After analyzing building data, Graybar coordinated with Sun Industries, a local energy retrofit contractor, to develop a three-dimensional model to show how retrofitting lighting with low-profile, higher fixtures and energy-efficient lamps could accommodate larger robotic equipment.

Yaskawa Motoman ultimately decided on a solution that featured new fixtures, retrofit kits and GE lamps. High efficiency 28 watt T8 lamps and new ballasts replaced the existing 4 lamp T12 fluorescent troffers, while 4 lamp, 54 watt T5 solution replaced the 400 watt metal halide high bay fixtures in the warehouse. To help increase energy efficiency by an estimated 30 percent, Graybar and Sun Industries provided in-office occupancy sensors and ceiling sensors in common spaces to turn lights off in unoccupied areas. The team also helped Yaskawa Motoman secure lighting rebates since the retrofit utilized energy-efficient lamps.


Graybar addressed Yaskawa Motoman’s warehouse lighting needs with a seamless, start-to-finish solution that now allows for taller robotics equipment.

"The entire experience was extremely quick and easy, thanks to Graybar’s expertise, exceptional client service and end-to-end solutions," said Diane Burton, Yaskawa Motoman’s west coast office coordinator. "This was the first lighting upgrade we’ve completed since we opened this facility, and it’s been a welcome improvement. We can easily accommodate our taller robotics equipment, and the warehouse is now so well lit, it’s similar to natural daylight."

Completed in January 2013, Graybar and Sun Industries’ tailored PowerSmart energy solution is projected to help reduce energy usage with a two-year positive return on investment.


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