Graybar Opportunity Walk Helps Leading Food and Beverage Company Save Time


In March 2015, Graybar Sales Representative Tim Rush met with the facility manager of a leading food and beverage company to discuss the pain points of managing its Texas location.

During an Opportunity Walk, Rush uncovered one of the location’s biggest frustrations – the procurement process. With a vast number of products available to order, the facility manager needed a way to simplify the process. Understanding the facility manager’s concerns, Rush proposed a tailored solution that would help streamline and ultimately simplify the procurement process.


Graybar Opportunity Walk Helps Leading Food and Beverage Company Save Time

ShopGraybar is an online purchasing application with a number of self-service features, including product sourcing, quotations, order placement and confirmation.

Rush enlisted the help of Graybar e-Business Development Manager Mike Read to set up a customized ShopGraybar site to meet the facility manager’s needs. Graybar even set up different accounts and permissions for team members and held training for basic function and navigation, creating favorites lists and how to view quotes.

“One of the facility manager’s biggest issues was product searches. Now with a customer-specific site and favorites list, he can quickly find the most frequently purchased products and order right then and there,” said Rush.


With access to more than 450,000 products, real-time customer pricing and availability, and quote request options, ShopGraybar has successfully helped to simplify the location’s procurement process.

“The ShopGraybar site is completely tailored to the items they order most,” said Read. “We asked about frequent purchases and created a favorites list. Plus they still has access to the entire catalog of material that they can add to the list at any time.”

It’s a real time-saver. No longer does the facility manager have to search through 20,000 part numbers to find the one item that’s needed. All of the quote and order information is right there.

Tim Rush | Graybar Sales Representative


What is an Opportunity Walk?

Opportunity Walks are designed to identify opportunities to reduce waste in your company’s processes and procedures. Opportunity Walks can address a variety of areas or specific issues, including how your company interfaces with Graybar, how your employees complete day-to-day tasks, your warehouse receiving, inventory management and shipping processes.


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