The Road to Lighting Upgrades: Graybar Helps Winnebago with Lighting Renovation


After completing a lighting renovation project in Junction City, Oregon, Winnebago once again turned to HCH Mechanical and Graybar to help upgrade the lighting of a recently purchased RV facility. Winnebago Industries is a leading U.S. manufacturer of recreation vehicles (RVs), which are used primarily in leisure travel and outdoor recreation activities. The Junction City facility manufactures RVs and also performs customer service.

The 60,000 square-foot customer service facility was using 57 400W metal halide high bay fixtures in the main production area and 31 8-feet 2-lamp T12 HO strip lights in the parts room. With a high 26-foot ceiling and a number of large RVs being serviced daily, replacing burnt out lamps was a major project for maintenance. Maneuvering around the RVs was difficult and required maintenance was sometimes deferred, resulting in technicians wearing head mounted flashlights as supplemental lighting for daily tasks.


Graybar Business Development Manager Roy Catibayan proposed Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting® IBH 18000 lumen high bay fixtures with mounted 360-degree occupancy sensors and Lithonia Lighting Tandem 8-foot Z strip with a low power factor fluorescent ballast. For the parts room, Graybar proposed GE Lighting Solution’s 28W long life 4-foot lamp to replace the 8-foot T12 HO fixtures, paired with two Acuity Brands Sensor Switch® dual technology vacancy sensors.

“The occupancy sensors provide an additional source of energy savings,” said Catibayan. “If no one is working in a certain area, the lights will turn off automatically.”


Completed in just two months, Winnebago estimates an annual energy savings of 75,010 kWh and cost savings of $5,973 with a payback of three and a half years.

In addition, Winnebago also qualified for local utility incentives.

“We will continue to look at additional opportunities to improve our bottom line through energy savings, as well as opportunities to improve the productivity of our workforce,” said Winnebago Operations Manager John Millis.

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