Graybar Helps Upgrade Lighting and Controls at Kansas City Manufacturing Plant

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When Heartland Sheets LLC, a cardboard manufacturer in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to upgrade the lighting system of its 135,000 square-foot manufacturing plant, warehouse and storage facility, Graybar was contacted for a solution.

With more than 6,400 annual run hours, the existing 237 1,000-watt and 28 400-watt metal halide fixtures were almost always on, even when the area was unoccupied. The fixtures were becoming a burden to maintain, with frequent burnouts and high heat levels causing condensation on the walls.


Graybar proposed the Vantage® LED from Acuity Brands Holophane® to replace the existing metal halide fixtures. The new– NSF splash zone listed, high bay, LED luminaires provide the necessary light output with 78 percent less energy usage.

Plus, with strategically placed occupancy sensors embedded in 121 of the 278 newly installed fixtures, light levels will dim to 50 percent when the area is unoccupied and will turn off completely after 30 minutes for additional energy savings.

“The lighting controls are an added benefit,” said Heartland Maintenance Supervisor Robbie Rollings. “Whenever the lights can be dimmed and turned off, the better.”

The installation took place over several weeks, with contractors working from midnight to 10 a.m. to minimize disruption of the manufacturing operation. Graybar worked closely with the contractor’s installation schedule to deliver fixtures each day to the jobsite.


The project was completed in December 2015. Heartland qualified for more than $190,000 in local utility rebates and expects an annual energy savings of approximately $90,000, resulting in an estimated payback of about two years.

“Thanks to the upgrades, Heartland employees are benefitting from greatly enhanced light levels, and management is benefitting from generous utility incentives and ongoing monthly electric savings, while avoiding maintenance costs,” said Graybar Lighting Business Development Manager Sandy McCrea.

Heartland Sheets is part of Schwarz Partners, LP, an Indianapolis-based holding company with interests in several industries, notably packaging, sheet feeders and transportation.

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