Graybar Helps Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation Upgrade School and Gymnasium Lighting

Tippecanoe Valley Upgrade Lighting Case Study

Located in Akron, Indiana, the Tippecanoe Valley Middle School and Tippecanoe Valley High School serve approximately 1,105 students and are two of five schools that make up the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation.


In early 2014, Tippecanoe Valley Maintenance Director Todd Glenn began looking for a new lighting solution to replace the existing T12’s and 400-watt metal halide lights of the 104,440 square-foot Tippecanoe Valley Middle School and its two gymnasiums. He was also interested in upgrading the high school main and auxiliary gymnasium metal halide fixtures.

Glenn wanted a more energy-efficient solution that would reduce costs while still providing superior lighting performance for the classrooms, hallways, entryways, offices and the three gymnasiums. He turned to Graybar, a leading distributor of high quality electrical, communications and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management solutions.


Graybar Sales Representative Amanda Hamm proposed a retrofit solution to the school, consisting of a linear retrofit kit and high bay LED fixtures.

In the gymnasiums, 124 230-watt LED high bays replaced the existing 458-watt metal halides, while the existing 63-watt T12s were replaced with 36- and 18-watt LEDs. The 4-lamp, T12 126-watt classroom fixtures were replaced with 44-watts with the ability to dim down to 22-watts.

Thanks to the lighting upgrades in the gymnasiums, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation is expected to save approximately $7,391 in the first year in energy and maintenance costs.


The gymnasium phase of the project was completed by Pettit Family Electric, while the remainder was performed by the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation’s maintenance staff. The overall project was completed during the summer of 2014, and the school is very pleased with the results. Within the first year of installation, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation expects to save more than $31,900 in maintenance and energy savings, an annual energy savings of 188,600 kWh. In addition, Tippecanoe also benefitted from utility rebates due to energy savings.

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