Graybar Helps Shell Station Owners Reduce Energy Costs With Lighting Upgrades Case Study


In October 2014, Sherwood, Oregon, Shell Station Owners George and Jeff Johnston reached out to Graybar Sales Representative Roy Catibayan to help uncover energy-saving opportunities for their gas station and convenience store. The father and son duo wanted to reduce energy costs of their facility by changing out the existing lighting with more energy-efficient lighting.


An energy audit by the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO), confirmed that the lighting under the canopy and the area lighting of the facility were inefficient 400-watt probe start metal halide fixtures, while the convenience store was made up of 4-lamp 40-watt T12 fluorescent troffer fixtures. Furthermore, the ETO confirmed that the project would qualify for a rebate under their incentive program.

Next, Graybar and the Johnstons selected a combination of LED fixtures from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting and Eaton’s lighting solutions as the best fit and most cost-effective solution for renovating the gas station and convenience store.

Existing New
400-watt pole mounted fixtures Lithonia Lighting DSX series LED area light
400-watt canopy fixtures McGraw Edison Canopy LED fixtures
Convenience store troffers Lithonia Lighting Relight Lensed T8 reduced wattage kit
6’ T12 cooler fixtures Cooper Lighting by Eaton LED cooler strip

To help with financing, the Johnstons looked to Graybar Financial Services® (GFS). The energy-efficient project allowed GFS to structure a 24-month lease payment that was less than the projected cost savings, resulting in a monthly positive cash flow of $64.72.

I love the fact that not only am I saving a lot of money, but I also have much better lighting at the station. It really turned out to be a no-brainer! Graybar made it so easy; I want them to work on my convenience store and car wash in Newberg and help with my other businesses as well.


George Johnston | Sherwood Shell Station Owner



The project was completed in December 2014. Results are expected to include an annual cost savings of $6,943 and annual energy savings of 81,106 kWh.

Extremely pleased with the results, the Johnstons decided to move forward with additional lighting upgrades for some of their other franchise businesses, and are teaming up with Graybar to make it happen.

Graybar Financial Services® (GFS) specializes in arranging equipment leases, loans and financing agreements for commercial and government customers throughout the United States. Benefits of Financing Lighting Retrofit Project through GFS:

  • Manage Cash Flow
  • Overcome Budget Constraints
  • 100 Percent Project Financing
  • Preserve Working Capital

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