Graybar Helps Panduit Upgrade Lighting System


Panduit is a leading, world-class developer and provider of innovative networking and electrical solutions. Panduit engineers and manufactures end-to-end solutions for data centers, enterprise and industrial environments.

When Panduit’s DeKalb, Illinois, production and warehouse facility needed an upgrade of its lighting system, it turned to Graybar for a solution. The antiquated metal halide system was inefficient, and the existing system provided no lighting control for unoccupied areas.


In August 2014, trial fixtures were installed in ten different parts of the warehouse, production, shipping and task areas. Graybar Manager Specialty Business Alan Humbird and Project Specialist John McKittrick worked closely with Panduit Senior Staff Facilities Engineer George Karras to assist him in evaluating and ultimately determining which fixture would be the best fit for each area of the facility.

From start to finish, Graybar worked with Panduit to manage the entire project. Graybar arranged and planned the installations according to Panduit’s schedule, and even coordinated for work in the mezzanine areas to be completed on the weekends. This allowed for the conveyor system to be shut down without impacting Panduit’s shipping and production schedule.


In just two short months, more than 1,700 energy efficient fixtures were installed throughout Panduit’s DeKalb facility, with nearly 1,640 fixtures installed with occupancy sensors.

The new fixtures provide a 61 percent wattage reduction and are expected to decrease Panduit’s maintenance costs by approximately 50 percent. In addition, Graybar also assisted Panduit with capturing a $161,320 ComEd incentive rebate.

Thanks to the upgrade, lighting levels and uniformity have significantly improved. The lights have also helped to eliminate hot spots in aisles, product shelves, conveyor systems, packing areas and task work areas.

“By working with Graybar, we were able to facilitate a lighting retrofit that has a return on investment within two years. From providing sample fixtures, to on-site testing and construction management, the Graybar team was successful in meeting Panduit’s expectations,” said Karras.

Pleased with the results of this project, Panduit also decided to move forward with additional lighting projects with Graybar, including LED lights for Panduit’s Lockport, Illinois, warehouse and factory and Silo Room.

About the Silo Room Lighting Upgrades

Panduit’s Lockport, Illinois, Silo Room houses two large silos for bulk material storage. The existing 400-watt metal halides only provided seven-foot candles at 458-watts per fixture, and multiple outages were becoming more and more difficult to maintain with the room’s fifty-foot ceilings and large equipment. Graybar proposed a solution to increase the foot candles to average 25-foot candles at 298-watts. Results of this upgrade include a 72 percent increase in foot candles, a 100,000 hour fixture life and a utility incentive of $800.

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