Graybar Helps Otis Library Turn the Page to LED Lighting


Host to a variety of local conferences, art and book shows, the Otis Library in downtown Norwich, Connecticut, is a public institution dedicated to supporting the needs of the community.

Looking to improve the library’s light levels, Otis Library Executive Director Robert Farwell turned to Graybar Lighting Business Development Manager Timothy Gagliardi for a solution.


Otis Library LED Lighting Case Study

After a complete building assessment, a turnkey Graybar PowerSmart® solution was proposed, which included retrofitting a total of 702 fixtures throughout the library’s three floors, with some additional fixtures being added as needed. Graybar also secured and coordinated with the local electrical contractor and worked closely with the local utility company to determine the total incentives before completing the paperwork.

Throughout the library, the existing two lamp 26-watt 8-inch CFL recessed cans were replaced with recessed LED can retrofits, pendant mounted fixtures were replaced with GE Lighting LED Type A lamps and new GE Lighting ballasts, while recessed 2x2’s were replaced with LED retrofit kits. The rusted, older wall mount fixtures in the bathrooms were replaced with Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting WL4 LED wall mount fixtures.

The new LED fixtures will provide a more uniform level of light and a cleaner lighting experience. Plus, the longer life of the fixtures will help reduce maintenance and operating costs. The library also benefitted from additional energy savings by eliminating uplighting from the pendant fixtures.

“Throughout the library, most of the linear pendants had both uplighting and downlighting,” said Gagliardi. “Recognizing an opportunity for additional energy savings, we proposed to eliminate the uplight on these fixtures. A sample was installed and everyone was pleased with the overall light output and quality of light, especially on the bookshelves.”


The Otis Library project was completed in just three months.

The reaction to the new lighting has been very positive, with both the staff and public commenting on the improved quality of the illumination. The library’s utility bills already reflect the added efficiency engendered by the LED bulbs, which is a most welcome benefit.

Robert Farwell | Otis Library Executive Director


The library expects an annual energy savings of 105,989 kWh and annual energy cost savings of $18,000, with an annual expected maintenance savings of $2,455. The library also benefitted from more than $43,357 in incentives from the local utility.

“The transition from conventional lighting, largely fluorescent bulbs, to LED was completed in a timely fashion with no disruption to the normal operations of the library,” said Farwell.

Pleased with the results of this project, the Town of Norwich has started working with Graybar along with the local utility on an LED street lighting project.

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