Graybar Helps Integrated Health Care Organization Achieve Innovation Credit


Sustainability is a top priority for many organizations, especially in the healthcare industry. So when a leading biomedical research organization decided to build a new data center, it looked to Graybar and Ecolutions Sustainability Consulting, LLP, to develop a tailored recycling program that would reduce the carbon footprint on the jobsite while also increasing jobsite efficiencies.


Graybar Business Development Manager Lawrence Mok and Ecolutions Sustainability Consulting Agent Kevin Bright collaborated with the contractor to develop a logistics program that included services to help reduce the amount of waste on the jobsite by reusing and recycling materials such as pallets and cable reels and reducing the amount of fuel used for material delivery. The plan also included documentation to submit the project to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for an Innovation Credit and LEED certification.

Graybar’s customized recycling program helped this organization significantly reduce their carbon footprint and divert more than 3,457 pounds and more than 545 cubic feet of waste from landfills. The program completely eliminated the need for two dumpsters at the jobsite.

“They wanted a program that would raise the bar on their sustainable practices,” said Mok. “That meant certification from the USGBC was a must.”

Graybar coordinated the project, from unpacking and staging materials at its local service center, to coordinating delivery schedules with the contractor. By unpacking the materials at the warehouse, Graybar consolidated the number of pallets and boxes delivered to the jobsite, saving truck space and reducing the number of deliveries and elevator trips.

“Fewer deliveries meant using less fuel,” said Mok. “Plus, we used a fuel-efficient box truck to make the deliveries.”


In September 2014, the new facility was complete and in May 2015 the project was awarded an Innovation Credit for waste and delivery vehicle minimization as well as LEED Silver Certification.

“There are plenty of credits out there for waste reduction, but nothing that highlighted reusing materials and reducing the amount of jobsite deliveries to minimize fuel levels,” said Bright. “That’s what really makes this credit unique and made this program stand out.”

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