Graybar Helps Country Club Enhance Member Experience

Forest Hills Country Club has been recognized as a premier private country club in the West St. Louis area. With a friendly and inviting atmosphere, Forest Hills prides itself in providing its members with the finest in all amenities, including world-class golf, tennis, swimming and dining.


When Forest Hills Country Club General Manager Andy Crowe first met with Graybar Sales Representative Kate DeWulf about a lighting upgrade opportunity, Crowe did not see lighting as a top priority. Forest Hills was already a successful country club, with full membership and a nice waiting list. But as the two continued talking, it became clear that a simple lighting upgrade would not only save the country club money, but it would also help to enhance the entire member experience.

Each morning, a member of the maintenance staff would spend the first 45 minutes walking the entire facility, recording and replacing the burned out lights. The 60,000-square-foot facility had many lights, and burnouts were quickly noticed by members.

Summer months in the main ballroom were also challenging for the maintenance staff. With many special events held all summer long, the lights were often on all day – radiating approximately 18,000-watts of heat into the space.

“It was all but impossible to keep the space comfortably cool,” said Crowe. “This challenge was made all the more difficult as more and more members and guests would arrive for an event.”


Graybar proposed a combination of GE LED lamps to replace the existing incandescent lights of the ballroom, entry and foyer, Dutch’s Lounge, 19th Hole, Pro Shop, dining and bar areas of the country club. The new lights put out significantly less heat and last much longer, all while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

“Originally, we were concerned about a harsh LED color and light output,” said Crowe. “But once we tried the new GE LED lamps, our concerns were gone. The color of the light is bright, clear and not at all harsh.”


Thanks to the upgrades, Forest Hills expects a first-year energy savings of approximately $10,862, which would result in a five and a half month payback, and projected 10-year energy savings of approximately $143,133.

In addition to the energy cost savings, Forest Hills also qualified for local utility rebates. Graybar assisted with the entire process, helping to secure approximately $8,690 in rebates for the country club.

Just as Crowe expected, the new lights have been welcomed by both Forest Hills Country Club members and maintenance staff alike. The new lights are much brighter than before and produce the same light quality that the members have come to expect. “Joining a country club is a lifestyle decision,” said Crowe, “and the facility is the core of a member’s experience. That made the decision to upgrade to LED lamps an easy choice. It was a great economic decision, with other benefits as well.”

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