Graybar Helps Commerce Bank Invest in Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Commerce Bank provides a full range of financial products to consumer and commercial customers. Commerce serves its customers in 191 branches in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado, as well as commercial offices in Cincinnati, Nashville and Dallas.


Safety and security are important aspects for any financial institution. So when an opportunity came about to improve the exterior lighting of 34 locations in Missouri and Illinois, Commerce was ready to make the investment.

Commerce turned to Graybar, a leading distributor of high-quality electrical, communications and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management and logistics services, to help find an outdoor lighting solution that would meet it’s environmental sustainability goals.

“We had an objective for 2015 to convert the existing lighting to LED at fifty percent of our branches,” said Commerce Bank Senior Regional Facilities Manager Vernon Carter. “We were looking to work with an experienced company with a reputation for providing quality products along with great customer service.”


Graybar proposed a combination of LED products with integrated controls from Eaton’s lighting solutions, including the Galleon, Crosstour and Night Falcon, plus various can lights and bollard lamps. Designed to improve the overall quality of light, the new fixtures should help provide increased parking lot and ATM security in the late evening and early morning hours.

Commerce even had the opportunity to visit a nearby Graybar facility that had recently upgraded to new fixtures. “We were able to go to the site after dark to see how the product actually worked,” said Carter.

To meet freight minimums, Graybar received, stored and staged materials for each of the 32 St. Louis Regional Commerce facilities at Graybar’s St. Louis Service Center. Graybar also coordinated deliveries with the local contractor/ installer and completed all of the Ameren utility incentive paperwork for each location.


The project was completed in November 2015. Commerce expects to save more than $75,000 annually in energy savings, with an average payback of four years with maintenance savings. Commerce also benefitted from approximately $50,000 in Ameren utility incentives.

“We are already seeing a reduction in energy usage at the branches that were converted to LED,” said Carter.

Pleased with the results, Commerce has indicated that it plans to continue working with Graybar on additional lighting upgrades for 2016.

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