Graybar Hayward Service Center Upgrades Lighting

Graybar Hayward Service Center Upgrades Lighting

Located in Union City, California, the Graybar Hayward Service Center is one of Graybar’s more than 260 North American distribution facilities.


Before moving the Hayward Service Center into a larger facility five miles down the road, Graybar had an important decision to make. The location of the existing 6-lamp T5HO fixtures did not align with the warehouse’s racking system, and the light distribution of the existing fixtures did not fit well with the tall racks. Graybar needed to find a more cost-effective solution that would meet the lighting and racking needs of the new, 132,000 square-foot facility.


Graybar evaluated using 267-watt LED versus a 6-lamp T5HO solution consuming 350-watts, plus the possibility of lighting controls. It didn’t take long for Graybar to decide that Acuity Brands Lithonia IBL Series LED high bays with nLight controls would be the best fit for the new service center. Plus, the LEDs would be more effective from both a financial and lighting quality standpoint.


The Graybar Hayward Service Center expects to save an estimated $28,000 in annual operating costs. The expected net packback of the lighting upgrade is 2.2 years.

The warehouse employees are incredibly happy with the lighting levels and the lighting quality - both are a huge improvement from the previous warehouse.

The Lithonia IBL Series LED high bays with nLight controls provide a better quality of light, require less energy and give warehouse management an easy and effective way to control the lighting. To see if Graybar can help with your lighting challenges, contact your Graybar representative, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form below.

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