Graybar Greens its Headquarters

Increases Energy Efficiency with Graybar PowerSmart®

Graybar Greens its Headquarters

Graybar, a leading distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management and logistics services, built its corporate headquarters in St. Louis in 1982, when the company relocated from New York City. In 2012, the Graybar evaluated the 30-year-old building to see where it could improve energy efficiencies to reduce both operating costs and the impact on the environment.

Graybar did not have to look far to find a solution. In fact, Graybar turned to its own comprehensive set of energy-saving solutions to help facility owners reduce costs – Graybar PowerSmart®. The solutions within Graybar PowerSmart address a variety of ways to improve building components, from building automation and controls, power management and critical power, lighting and lighting controls to renewables.

The first step in reducing energy consumption was to perform energy and lighting audits to determine how much energy the facility was currently using. Graybar enlisted lighting specialists from its St. Louis district and branch offices to assist with audits of the building and parking garage. These lighting specialists calculated baseline performance and identified areas where energy improvements could be made.

The audits revealed opportunities to implement energy-saving lighting solutions with lighting controls, daylight-harvesting technologies and updated fixtures. Graybar also completed a full HVAC retro commission, which optimized automation settings, balanced the HVAC components and implemented variable speed drives.

Graybar identified other, smaller ways to increase the facility’s efficiency. They implemented smart power strips to manage plug load and reduce phantom energy loss, which is energy that is still being used by devices that are plugged in but powered off or in standby mode.

All of these intelligent energy solutions Graybar implemented have paid off. So far, electric utility consumption has been reduced by 19 percent and natural gas utility usage was reduced by 24 percent. For its efforts, Graybar was awarded an ENERGY STAR® certification for its headquarters as well as providing a better workplace for employees.

Energy Solutions

Graybar PowerSmart® is a single source for energy management solutions that reduce cost, boost efficiency and enhance productivity. We can help you build an energy management strategy and provide the product and services to turn a traditionally reactive expense into a proactive solution for enhancing business value.


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